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- Repeated segments: Show aggregate segment data (fastest, slowest, average, total distance, total elevation, etc.) when segments are repeated within an activity. - Annual achievements: Changes how yearly achievements (eg. "2015 KOM") are shown on the dashboard feed. "Unhighlight" keeps them visible but without making them stand out so much. - Infinite scroll: Automatically load more dashboard entries when reaching the bottom. - External links: Show links to Veloviewer, Race Shape, KOM Club etc. on activity, segment detail and Challenge pages. - Hide "find friends": Hide social networking buttons, including invitations to invite/find friends on Strava. - Hide Premium badges: Hide 'Premium' badges. - "Enter" posts comment: Immediately posts comment when pressing the "enter" / "return" key in the edit box rather than adding a new line. - Challenge feed entries: Hide challenge-related feed entries. - Club feed entries: Hide club-related feed entries. - Goal feed entries: Hide goal-related feed entris - Route feed entries: Hide route-related feed entries - Promotion feed entries: Hide promotion-related feed entries. - Training plan feed entries: Hide training plan-related feed entries. - Hide turbo trainer / virtual rides: Hide Zwift activities or rides in the feed that do not contain a map. - Compare running: Changes the default sport for the "Side by Side comparison" module to running. - Running cadence: Show running cadence by default in elevation profile. - Running heart rate: Show running heart rate by default in elevation profile. - Variability Index: Calculate a Variability Index (VI) from the weighted average power and the average power, an indication of how "smooth" a ride was. A VI of 1.0 would mean perfect pacing. (Requires a power meter.) - Estimated FTP: Select "Show Estimated FTP" by default on Power Curve. - Running TSS: Estimates a run"s Training Stress Score from its Grade Adjusted Pace distribution. - Standard Google Map: Prefer the "Standard" Google map over the "Terrain" view. - Hide shop links: Hide links to the Strava store in the header, footer and on activity pages. - Hide blog links: Hide links to Strava blog on the dashboard. - Hover actions: Make various elements (Instagram images, maps, avatars, etc.) larger when you run your mouse over them. - Swap club & challenges: Swap the ordering of the "Clubs" and "Challenges" module on the dashboard. - Hide "Yearly Goals": Hide the "Yearly Goals" module on the dashboard. - Hide "upcoming": Hide "Upcoming" module on the dashboard if you have no upcoming races, events or goals coming soon. Also hides the "Discover More" sub-module. - Improve pagination: Add "first" and "last" links to paginated features. - Improve activity upload: Add the ability to automatically "Save & View", CTRL+Enter support, and increase the size of the description boxes to the manual "Upload and Sync Your Activities" manual upload page, - Hide calories: Hide the number of calories burned on your own activity pages. - Convert units on hover: Show converted units when you hover your mouse over numbers. - Show hidden efforts: When there are too many segments/efforts on a particular ride, Strava hides them behind a "Show X hidden efforts" button. Enabling this option shows these efforts by default. - Sort starred segments first: Show 'starred' segments at the top of lists instead of in their geographical order.

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