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Easily and quickly send your professionals SMS from your browser. The SMSFactor extension allows you to send your professionals SMS to your clients, patients or colleagues in just one click. Do you need to quickly send a message but don’t have the time to sign in to your SMSFactor account? Our extension is made for you! Perfect for unit message or small sms campaigns, you just have to sign in to our platform on the extension to proceed with your sendings. Then you can, from your Google Chrome browser, add the phone number of your(s) recipient(s), personalize the sender (if you wish to) and write your message. To send your professionals SMS has never been so quick! You can access the history and reports of your sendings on our platform like any other sending. -------------------- Sign in: Firstly, you must sign in to your account by entering the email and password you use on our online sms platform. My account: Do you need help? Do you have a question to ask? Give us your user ID so we can find your account faster. Buy SMS: You do not have enough credits? Buy a new SMS pack on our platform. -------------------- Add the phone number : Add the phone number of your recipients and separate them with a semicolon. Personalize the sender*: You have the possibility to personalize the sender of your messages with an 11-digit alphanumeric characters-word. If you don’t personalize it, the sender will automatically be a non-personalized 5-digit number (ex: 36105). * Available in France. If you want to know more about another country, contact our customer service. Write your message: You can now write your message. An SMS has a total number of 160 characters. If you exceed this number of characters, your message will still be sent but you will pay for the number of SMS you are sending to your recipients (ex: 205 characters = 2 SMS). Once you message is ready, you just have to send it to the recipients who you have previously added the number. See the sending report on the platform: Once your message has been sent, you can find the sending report on our online platform.

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