Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - 空闲游戏
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Custom Cursor-Man: HERO’S RISE in an incremental idle game clicker. This browser clicker game lets you play a life of an average guy that likes to watch some TV while eating his favorite fried chicken. But this simple man has a giant dream of becoming a superhero to fight crime. You start this clicker game enjoying your favorite hobby, watching a show on TV while eating your favorite chicken and all you see around you is your flat and your old TV set that been around here for ages now. But deep inside you feel that its time change everything. To set your life goals and follow your dream of becoming a true game superhero. Our hero sees himself in a mirror and he doesn’t like what he sees. You need to do is get yourself together and start working on our looks. No crimes have yet been solved by a chicken-stained beard or with a super power of chicken smell. Yep, that’s your first goal on your long superhero path. The next thing you need to do is to work on your strength. We have never seen a game superhero fighting bad guys with their nerdy looks. You need to work on your strength to be able to fight crime in the city and be powerful enough to confront any baddie in the city. Same and your costume, you need to conceal your identity but every person in the city should understand that they can ask you for help. And when that’s done, you can truly become Custom Cursor-Man, and your journey as an idle game super hero will begin… Find out more on this amazing story while playing our incredibly addictive Custom Cursor-Man: Hero’s Rise idle clicker game. And don’t worry on your progress, our idle clicker game is saving everything so that you can continue any time you like! Give it a try! You will not be able to stop clicking! Live and click thru a story of our hero Cursor-Man, from an average guy to a well-known cursor super hero you always wanted to be. So, enjoy our incremental clicker and maybe you can get some pleasant game bonuses along your way.

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