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No more taking notes or missing things - Tactiq takes the notes for you. Sales calls, team meetings, online classes, customer interviews, product research, presentations, masterclass - you can use Tactiq to capture everything everyone says, so you don't miss anything. Ever. 🙌 With Tactiq you can transcribe Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams Meetings. Highlight the important stuff, tag action items, save chat, take screenshots and then Tactiq will summarise everything into a Google Doc for you. 180,000+ PEOPLE ACROSS 5,000+ COMPANIES Trust Tactiq to transcribe their meeting notes. Used daily by leaders at Fortune 500s, engineers at companies like Netflix, freelancers, salespeople, teachers and anyone who hates taking meeting notes but needs them. 🟢 FREE TO USE: * Download Tactiq Chrome extension (it's free) * Join Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, MS Teams * Tactiq automatically records meeting transcript in real-time * Highlight important stuff with a click * Save Google Meet captions as a transcript to Google Doc * Save Google Meet chat history in your transcription * Take screenshots in Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, MS Teams * Google Meet Attendance Tracker * Save Zoom captions as a transcript to Google Doc ⭐️ USE TACTIQ FOR: * Remote Meetings * Document Requirements * Online classes/lectures * Transcribing video calls into Google Docs * Checking things you forget * Meeting followups * Writing recaps/summaries * Run effective Scrum meetings 🟣 WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH TACTIQ: * Record Google Meet Live Captions * Record Zoom Live Captions * Save Google Meet captions * Save Zoom captions * Get transcript with speaker identification and timestamps * Search transcript by Google Meet participants * Automatically save transcript to your Google Drive * Notify your colleagues in Slack and Microsoft Teams * Update your leads and contacts in CRMs * Export transcripts to PDFs and cloud collaboration tools * Screen capture meetings and store the screenshots with the meeting transcripts * Save in-call messages, links and comments automatically to transcript 🔒 SECURE TRANSCRIPTIONS * All transcriptions are securely stored in your browser or Google Drive * Learn more about privacy here https://tactiq.io/privacy-center ➜ HELP & SUGGESTIONS Check https://tactiq.io for more info Visit our help center at https://help.tactiq.io Contact us at https://tactiq.io/contact-us

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