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    Lazada data scraper - Easy data extraction tools of product, price, sales rank, review The Lazada chrome extension saves information from the Lazada website in an excel file for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. You can now extract a competitor's product list, a brand's product list, products from any product specification, and user reviews for a specific product with this extension. This extension is completely FREE. Web scraping and data downloading are made easy with our tool. Furthermore, you have data security and privacy as the scraped data does not leave your browser. Additional Features Of Lazada Data Scraper : * Our extension differs from previous Lazada scrapers in that it extracts more than just the price. We extract almost all page data, including price, shipping, product, sales rank, product description, product feature, customer review, and goods purchased by consumers who buy this item. * This data scraper is used in all Lazada countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam). *Using bulk URL functionality, we can add up to 100 Product URLs, Single Product URLs, category URLs, which can be both must be comma-separated and export data in excel format -*Scrapper automatically collects the product data and Sync Product Title, Price, etc. AS per SKU with Shopee Store. If Data Scraper closes in the process of a task, you can restart it from that product by clicking the restart button. *Restart: If the scrapper closes in the middle of a job, you can resume scraping data from that product. How To Use It: 1. Go to (e.g. Lazada Singapore) 2. In the search bar, type any keywords you want, such as a brand name, product keywords, and so on. 3. To fine-tune the search results, use the filtering option and then click the enter. 4. After the search results display, open the chrome extension and click the start button. The data gets saved in an excel sheet. The following are the advantages of using this product: - Analysis of competitors: Export the whole product list, sales rank, and pricing information to Excel for review purposes. - Arbitrage in online retail: Extract the product specifications of the lowest-priced item in Excel and offer it on other marketplaces. - Get to know your client: Obtain input from customers on specific products. - Study of the market: Recognize the number of resellers and competitors selling the same products in the same market. What data you can extract : - Product specification - Price - Seller price and details - Sales rank - Product image - Customer feedback What product categories support : - All categories How many number data support : - No limitation Which Lazada regional site support: - Lazada (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam) Technical support : We welcome any comments or ideas to enhance the products. Please contact: Developer: We specialized in data extraction for E-Commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Lazada, eBay (all regional sites), (Korea), (Hong Kong). Please visit our website: to request the free pass today.

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