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Save time by using the URL render extension to browse Websites. ★★ You can now use URL Render on every websites ★★ ★★ To do so, access settings by clicking the extension icon and trigger the 'Work Everywhere' setting to true. As a tip, i recommend to you add a shortcut and the shortcut only setting to have a better user experience (and not be annoyed when you hover over a link) ★★ Nevermore open useless tabs. Increase your productivity in many places such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo and Qwant. Use the URL render extension will skyrocket your productivity and save time you spend on the web. Doing research on any subject, your shopping on Amazon, Google Shopping and Facebook Market. Listening to music through Spotify and Deezer. Watching your favorite content on Youtube and Netflix. Actually everything you could search can be rendered and accessible as same as you used to do with tabs. The URL render extension wants to improve the way we surf the Web. Say Bye to multiple futile tabs, say Hi to better productivity and time saving. ★ Compatibility The URL render extension works with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo and Qwant web search engines. ★ Get started Install the extension, as usual, search something on your favorite web search engine not only Google. Mouse over a link and "TADA" enjoy the extension and navigate through websites without opening new tabs ! ★ Settings You can access settings by clicking the extension icon on the top right of your browser to manage your user experience. • Set a shortcut to trigger the extension • Set a delay to display the website you are hoovering • Use the header to navigate on webpage as same as you are used to ★ Privacy We do not use/share/save any of the data when you use the extension. The rights needed at the installation are necessary for the extension to work and we insure that, we don't compromise your privacy. Any question? Drop us a line at url-render@outlook.com ★ URL Render - Privacy policy Url render does not process or hold personal user data. Url render only handles non-personal user data required for its features, the type of informations are store in the localStorage. The list of the informations we store on localStore are : shortcutOnly : setting set on settings panel to define if the user want to use short only shortcut : the shortcut set by the user to trigger the extension mouseHoveringTimer : the time needed to hovering a link to trigger the extension isTriggerInstant : user choice to instant trigger the extension while hovering a link containerWidth : the width of the iframe containerHeight : the height of the iframe containerTop : the top position of the iframe containerLeft : the left position of the iframe hasResized : if the iframe was resized hasDragged : if the iframe was mooved isAutoSize : if the iframe is in autosize mod isSavedWhileHeaderShown : if the size of the frame was saved while the header of it was shown compteurSuccess : the number of successfully trigger isHideHeader : if the header is in auto hide mod isShowAds : if we show ads each 15 link triggered successfuly showAllWebsites : if the user decided to use the extension on all websites ★ Feature: Error page shown by url render When your browser encounter any listed type of error : NS_ERROR_REDIRECT_LOOP net::ERR_SSL_ net::ERR_CERT_ net::ERR_CONNECTION_ net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR NS_ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED NS_ERROR_NET_TIMEOUT NS_ERROR_NET_ON_TLS_HANDSHAKE_ENDED The extension send a https GET request to url-render.com/error this call contain some non-personal data used to inform you on what happend. The extension send, the url you tried to access and the error code that have been received by your browser when trying to access the website. we are not storing/selling or using informations. The informations are used to show you, whats gone wrong with the extension. If you have any question, feel free to contact us at : url-render@outlook.com

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