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GoldMint Lite Wallet is a perfect way to store, send, and receive your tokens in the Mint Blockchain. GoldMint Lite Wallet is provided for token holders to safely and securely store, send or receive MNT or GOLD tokens. It allows you to have multiple wallets which will provide the user with multiple places to store MNT and GOLD if needed. FEATURES • Creating wallets completely on the client-side. Your private key is never sent to any other side. • Using mnemonic phrase for the wallet backup • Generate and send offline transactions, ensuring your private keys never touch an internet-connected device. • Real-time valuation of your assets based on cryptomarket prices. • User-friendly interface. GoldMint Company is a global network of Custody Bot terminals, both proprietary and franchised. They are designed to implement the exchange of physical gold to local fiat currency or GOLD cryptocurrency and vice versa. The uniqueness of the GOLD token which combines the properties of physical gold and cryptocurrencies along with Custody Bot terminal of own design gives us advantages to develop global, profitable, and transparent business. GOLD cryptocurrency GOLD cryptocurrency is securitized pawnshop loans denominated in gold. It is the heart of the GoldMint ecosystem. The cost of 1 crypto asset GOLD is equal to the cost of 1 troy ounce of 24K gold on the LME (London Metal Exchange). Emission of GOLD cryptocurrency depends on the amount of the GOLD stored in the Custody Bots and it’s all recorded in the Mint blockchain. MNT token MNT is a service token that will be required for involvement in the creation Custody Bot network, for getting a transaction discount inside the chain and sharing commissions revenue. MNT use cases: • It is necessary to record data in the MINT blockchain. • It gives discounts on the GOLD transactions in the MINT blockchain network. • It allows the owner to receive a part of network-wide GOLD commissions. • The MNT owner is allowed to obtain a franchise for the Custody Bot. Our social channels: Website: Telegram: Twitter: Reddit:

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