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Profitl determines the best FBA deals wherever you are - in-store or online - through two solutions for one monthly price. Scan any item and analyse the data in a split second. How your time is worth more with Profitl? Profitl breaks down a product's profitability in front of your eyes. Find your next winning product on any website at any time with our brilliant features. Estimated monthly sales figures - based on product performance statistics pulled straight from Amazon you can see how frequently a product sells. Estimated FBA and referral fees - giving you a clear insight into the fees you’ll be paying Amazon. VAT, break even, return on investment and profit per unit estimates - so you can understand a product's potential profitability. Product reviews - helping you to gauge past buyer's reception to a product. Product price graphs - with 90, 180 and 365 day graphs you can compare past pricing to determine the most and least you could sell a product for. Seller Data - see at a glance how many FBA and FBM sellers are selling a product, including Amazon themselves. Live Stock data - you can easily see how many units your competitors have so you can plan your strategy. Lowest offer section - showing you the competition's current pricing. IP Risk - so you can be aware of any potential warnings which could affect you and your FBA business. HAZMAT status - helping you identify whether Amazon classifies the product as hazardous. Potentially oversized status - this warning prevents you from being affected by high FBA and delivery fees. Advanced Historical Data - with a huge amount of historical data points, you can determine average prices, competition and sales. eBay Data - diversify your streams of income and check both the average new and used prices on eBay. Notes section - don't risk forgetting your thoughts on a product. With the notes section you can comment on the products you have analysed. Personal rating - rate your products so you can quickly find a product and don't have to repeat your analysis. Save deal - save your notes, ratings and reviews in one click. You can come back to a product at any time in the "Saved Scans' section on the Profitl Website.

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