Problem management helper for Creatio
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It enhances the next interfaces: 1. In the "Cases" section helps you manage problems connected to the selected case without opening the case page. 2. In the "Case" page helps you add problems connected with the current case. In the "Cases" section, once you select a case record, it will: - Replace usual contents of the "Problem" column with a list of all problems connected to this case. - Display "Subject", "Owner" and "Status" fields for each connected problem. - Highlight "Status" field with different colors depending on its status (only for out-of-the box statuses). - Allow you to delete any of the connected problems with a single click. It deletes only connection to the selected case, not the entire "Problem" record. - Allow you to add connected problems to the selected case using "Add problem" button. This button opens a search dialog with much better search algorithm than stock Creatio lookup. For example, if your query is "performance%indicator%calc", extension will run queries for all order combinations of search terms "performance", "indicator" and "calc" automatically. The first search results will be for "performance%indicator%calc" query using "starts with" comparison type. The following results will be for all combinations of search terms using "contains" comparison type (6 in this example). In the "Case" page it adds "Quick problem search" button to the "Problems" detail. This button opens the same search dialog as in "Cases" section. Set it up in 2 simple steps: 1. Install the extension. 2. Set up problem column in the "Cases" section. That's it! Select a record and see how it works :) What's new: - You can search for canceled problems. - Works with the new Freedom UI shell (available in Creatio 8.0.6+). Further development is focused on: - Adapting the plugin to the new Freedom UI Case pages (not to confuse with overall Freedom UI shell, that is supported). Known restrictions: Only works with: - Classic UI pages. - Records list in "Cases" section (out of the box section in some Creatio products) and out of the box Case record page ("CasePage"). - Sites in Creatio cloud (* domains). - Creatio version 7.11.3 and higher. Other restrictions: - "Add problem" button only adds existing problems to the case. If you need to create a new problem, please use built-in Creatio functions. - Columns setup in problem search window is fixed. - In case when: 1. You use tiled view. 2. There is no connected problems when selecting the case for the first time. 3. You connect it to the problem. Connections to the problems will be successfully saved in database but will not show up in the "Problem" column. Refresh cases list if you want to see it.

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