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Do you have too many opened tabs in your browser? Do you have too many windows opened in your browser? Tab Finder - by floverdevel is your friend. It displays the list of currently opened tabs, even those in others windows, even those in Incognito Mode if you allow the extension to run in Incognito Mode (look for the «Allow in incognito» checkbox in your browser's extensions list «chrome://extensions/»). It filters the list by searching by tab's title and/or tab's URL. It navigates to the selected tab (select a tab by clicking on it or using the arrows keys then the Enter key), and brings its containing window to the foreground. It can create a new tab in current window (or in a new window using the shift key). If your search looks like a valid URL, the new tab will navigate to this URL, otherwise the new tab will trigger a Google search. Don't forget to rate and leave me a comment if you like and/or hate this extension. # Change Log All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning]( ## coming soon - display pinned tabs on top of list - new icon for dark mode ## 1.0.0 2020-11-15 - Initial public release on - add a default shortcut to activate the extension (Ctrl+Space) ## 0.5.3 2017-11-28 - fix "new tab" text was not readable ## 0.5.2 2017-11-28 - fix highlighted text was not aligned vertically ## 0.5.1 2017-11-27 - fix text overlapping when title or url are too long - fix search input placeholder text ## 0.5.0 2017-11-23 - close a tab _(pro tip : you can do it with middle-click too)_ - about version is displayed at the bottom of popup ## 0.4.0 2017-10-26 - ESC key closes the popup - minor bugfix and optimization ## 2016-02-17 - set the manifest's minimum_chrome_version to 27.0.1453.110 so the extension can be install on older browser via the google chrome webstore ## 2016-02-17 - fix a crash on older chrome version (tested on my chrome version 27.0.1453.110). Google Chrome webstore will not let you install but if install from source, this will help you :) ## 0.3.9 2016-02-15 - fix a crash when trying to render muted state on chrome version 45 or less ## 0.3.8 2016-01-25 - fix the behavior of the (new tab) when an empty string was supplied ## 0.3.7 2015-11-25 - fix rendering of google chrome internals urls's favicon (chrome://*) ## 0.3.6 2015-11-16 - adjust manifest file to enable packaging into chrome webstore ## 0.3.5 2015-11-16 - move README file into src folder to enable packaging into chrome webstore ## 0.3.4 2015-11-16 - added tooltip text ## 0.3.3 2015-11-02 - incognito, audible, muted and pinned icons are always display ## 0.3.2 2015-10-30 - add more icons for audible, muted, pinned ## 0.3.1 2015-10-30 - remove specials chars (thanks to @pascal_laporte) ## 0.3 2015-10-30 - icon to show if a tab is incognito - more icons for chrome urls ## 0.2 2015-10-06 - hold the shift key to open in new window instead of a new tab ## 0.1 ### initial version 2015-09-28 - do not search for text that looks like an uri, open them directly - trigger a google search when no tab are found - option to create a new tab - highlight text in element - favicon for special google chrome internals urls - display favicon and url

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