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📡 Internet Connection Monitor aka ICM for Google Chrome 🎯 ICM IS THE BEST FOR ⭐️ Recording and analyzing outages of Internet connection ⭐️ Displaying your public IP ⭐️ Verifying ISP/provider issues ⭐️ Verifying some router/modem/hardware issues 💻 FEATURES ✅ Precise connectivity test with configurable testing interval ✅ Latency measurement ✅ Show public IP address ✅ Detect when Internet doesn't work over operating Wi-Fi or Ethernet ✅ Disconnects, availability and downtime stats ✅ Play sound when connection goes online or offline ✅ Events log with CSV and PDF export ✅ Realtime connectivity and latency monitoring ✅ Light and dark themes support ✅ Adjustable icons and sounds 🚀 NEW IN ICM v5.2 ➕ Show public IP address ➕ On/Off switch to turn the monitoring off ➕ Sound themes ➕ Stats break-down: Today / 7 days / 30 days / All time 👓 FAQ 🌎 Q: Where is the extension icon? A: At some point Google Chrome changed the way extensions are displayed. You need to click on the puzzle icon to the right of the address bar and then pin Internet Connection Monitor Q: What exactly can be monitored? A: The extension monitors the Internet connection and reports 3 statuses: 🟢 Online: Internet connected 🟠 Connection issues or "No Internet connection. Wi-Fi/LAN OK": if Chrome itself cannot properly determine whether Internet connection is down while you're connected to LAN (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) - this status will popup. Most likely, your LAN (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) is connected, but there is no Internet connection behind it. In most cases, it is ISP/provider issue 🔴 Offline or "No Internet connection": Internet disconnected. LAN (Wi-Fi/Ethernet) may work or not, but Internet itself is unavailable Q: How does the extension test the connectivity? A: The extension uses a combination of Chrome internal API and pinging Google servers via https (port 443). It does not expose any open ports or something else that could compromise user's security Q: What is the testing interval? A: How frequently to ping Google servers to determine the status of Internet connection. The option is configurable: check very 1, 2, 3 or 5 seconds Q: Does this extension have access to my browsing history, etc? A: It does NOT. Moreover, it does not require any special access at all (you can notice that other extensions ask you to give them some permissions during the installation process) Q: Does this extension record my IP address or something else? A: It does NOT. The extension uses API to get the public IP address. Read the Privacy Policy to get a better perspective on your data's privacy: Q: Can this extension measure Internet speed? A: It cannot. Please, use Speedtest by Ookla 🌎 Q: Will it work if Chrome is closed? A: Not, it will not. You need to have a Chrome window open to track your connection log. It's relatively easy to add Chrome to autostart on Windows, Mac or Linux Q: Will it work if computer is in sleep? A: Yes, it should work, but the mechanism of tracking the disconnects while the computer is in sleep has not been thoroughly tested. Macs, for example, wake up every couple minutes and ICM checks the connection. But do not rely on precise measurement during the computer sleep, keep the computer running. Alternatively, use Realtime monitor feature inside ICM to check what's going on. Access it via main extension popup Q: Can you use it on Microsoft EDGE, Brave or Chromium? A: Yes, you can. It works on all Chromium-based browsers Q: Is there a Firefox extension? A: Currently, only Google Chrome and Microsoft EDGE are supported. There is a feature request 🌎 to implement the Firefox version. Vote for it if you want to speed up the development Q: Can you give an advice on how to improve Internet connection overall? A: Read the article about the 3 primary reasons of Internet connection issues 🌎 ✨ Icons by 🔊 Sounds by 🕊️ Stay up-to-date: 🐞 Support hub: 📩 Contact:

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