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By installing the extension, you agree to UXReality’s Terms and Conditions (www.uxreality.com/terms-of-use). Please note: This extension is a part of the UXReality solution* (an online platform for remote user tests). For using this app you need to get invitation code from a research project owner. If you are the research project owner and just want to try going through your test as a responder, then go to your account on desktop, open a project you need. In the "Invite testers" tab you'll see the code (generated automatically) - copy it and paste it in UXReality app when asked. *What is UXReality solution UXReality is an AI-powered online platform for remote user tests. It is a full-fledged online solution for remote UX/CX research on mobile and desktop. It allows running user tests for prototypes as well as for live websites and apps. Powered by AI, UXReality completely replaces the traditional usability lab by moving tools for tracking users' visual attention (eye-tracking) and facial expressions (facial coding) online. UXReality switches the user research industry from bulky and tied to central location labs to elegant and fast virtual solutions. UXReality is committed to international compliance with data protection laws, regulation and rules. We adhere to basic principles on data protection and adopt the fundamental principles of the EU’s GDPR. How it works 1. Register an account at uxreality.com 2. Create a project 3. Choose the digital product for user testing - prototype, live website or app 3. Set the task for users 4. Select the testers (your own or via built-in panels) 5. Ask your testers to install this app and send them the invitation code (generated automatically after the project setup) so that they could participate in your test from their mobile devices. Why you'll love UXReality Touch the universe of deep insights via one easy app: - Where users look (eye-tracking data via front-facing cam) - What they feel (facial expressions data via front-facing cam) - What they click and how they scroll (screen recordings) - What they say (via voice recording and surveys) UXReality technology has been named the Best Conversion Rate Optimization Technology 2019 at the respected The Marketing Technology Award hosted by ClickZ & Search Engine Watch. This award consolidates our leadership in the online user testing industry and proves the completeness of our solution. So, just tap & capture! Create awesome digital experience by seeing through users’ eyes, understanding their feelings, knowing what they think via one AI-powered app for getting mobile behavior insights.

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