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⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ THIS EXTENSION ONLY WORKS ON NOT DIRECTLY THROUGH FACEBOOK. Please do not leave inaccurate reviews if you are not using the correct site. A simple, lightweight Chrome extension that enables a nightmode theme for Facebook's Messenger. This is a small side project that I am working on to provide a long-requested feature for Facebook's Messenger. If you notice any issues or would like to request features, please feel free to do so! Update Notes: Version - Fixed quick action buttons color (e.g. reply, react) - Changed initial load background color from white to a dark gray Version - Fixed recent update where bubbles became light gray - Added dark colour to chat screen while loading in Version - Fixed white border around message entry field Version - Fixed chat message colours due to Facebook updating their CSS variable sources Version - Updated scroll bar to match dark mode theme within conversations (thanks Josh) Version - Updated some overrides not working (search panel, emoji search panel, etc.) Version - Fixed some icons not inverting colour (e.g. "Search in Conversation", Windows Messenger App icon) Version - Added full nightmode support for Messenger redesign - Note: If Facebook is aiming to transition everyone to the redesign, I will shift towards releasing updates only for the new version of Messenger. The extension will still be backwards compatible with the old version of Messenger, unless it causes issues. Version - Removed bug with clicking popup showing an error message. Version - Updated permissions to minimal level for store policy update compliance. Version - Fixed colouring for names in group chats and in search - Added new preview screenshots Version - Fixed colouring for event invitations and reminders Version - Hotfix for replies background styling Version - Updated tooltip colour for message box Version - Update to match Facebook's Messenger facelift (sorry about the delay, just received the update myself!) - Updated colours on names, icons, reaction backgrounds, and menus - Fixed border issues and improved hover colours to be clearer in nightmode Version - Hotfix to received link embed text colour Version - Visibility update to mentions and links - Updated search titles/headers - Fixed single emoji messages (removed chat bubble background) - Minor updates to vertical and horizontal dividers - Backend cleanup (removed nonfunctional popup feature - still in development) Version - Hotfix for reply feature - Link embeds visual update - Dividers in main chat window and "Shared Photos" improved Version - Improved differentiation between read and unread messages for visibility - Support for Messenger's new "reply" feature - Viewing images enhanced with translucent background - Image preview grid colour updated - Mini-menus (e.g. games, GIF, stickers, etc.) have been updated to support night mode - Link embeds and previews improved Special thanks to Marko and Martin

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