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Plain Text Edit is a convenient way to take instant notes in Google Chrome™. Quickly capture your thoughts, no account needed, no unnecessary permissions, no distractions. To create a new document, click the extension icon and select "New" from the list, a new tab will open where you can write your notes. Your work is automatically saved as you type and can be accessed later by clicking the extension icon again. 1. Click the extension icon in the top-right corner of your browser. 2. Click "New" to start a new document. A new tab will open where you can jot down some notes. DOCUMENT CHOOSER Usage of Plain Text Edit always starts by first accessing the document chooser. Click the extension icon or use the keyboard command Ctrl/⌘ + P to show the document chooser popup. All of your stored documents will appear in this list. Click on a document to open it or choose "New" to create a new one. Documents can be permanently deleted from the document chooser by hovering your mouse over it and clicking the "x" icon that appears beside the document title. The keyboard can be used to navigate the document chooser. Press the up and down arrow keys to move and press enter to confirm your selection. 1. Click the extension icon in the top-right corner of your browser or use the present keyboard command. 2. Open a saved document or create a new one by clicking an option in the list or by navigating with the keyboard arrow keys and pressing enter. DOCUMENTS Editing: Plain text Edit lets you work on multiple documents at the same time in separate tabs. Multiple instances of the same document can be opened as well and will stay in sync with one another as you type. The autocomplete lists feature will automatically continue unordered lists, ordered lists and markdown checklists. While you are working on a list, press enter to insert a new list item on a new line. List items created in this way will respect the current tab indentation. Autocomplete lists can be enabled or disabled in the preferences (on by default). The autocomplete brackets and quotes feature will automatically close opening brackets and quotes as you type. Typing a bracket or quote while some text is selected will surround the selected text. Autocomplete brackets and quotes can be enabled or disabled in the preferences (off by default). Saving: Plain Text Edit automatically saves your notes as you work on them. If you want, you can save a copy as a .txt file by right-clicking the document and selecting "Save Document As..." from the context menu or by using the keyboard command Ctrl/⌘ + S. 1. Right-click the document you want to save and select "Save Document As..." or use the "save" keyboard command. 2. Name the document. 3. Click "Save". PREFERENCES You can set the preferences for how your notes are displayed for all documents. To access preferences, right-click on the extension icon. Chooser Options: - Choose from 3 sorting options. Date modified (default), date created or name. Document Options: - Choose from two line lengths. Choose "Narrow" for shorter line lengths, otherwise, lines wrap at the document's window size. - Toggle spelling and grammar checking. - Toggle autocomplete lists. - Toggle autocomplete brackets and quotes. PRIVACY & PERMISSIONS Documents are stored locally and are not sent to any remote server. All of your work remains completely private to you. Plain text Edit requires no special permissions to work. --- If you have any problems, feedback or just feel like saying hello, please write a review or leave a comment in the support tab.

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