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The Daily Tab extension transforms your “new tab” page into a center of information. It’s not cluttered, especially since you can turn the different parts of its experience on and off. in Daily Tab - full time and day for your location, your favorite and most visited sites shortcuts, your bookmarks bar, popular services shortcuts for Gmail Inbox Feed / Outlook mail / Yahoo mail / Google Drive documents / Facebook / Amazon / Twitter and the user's defined shortcuts, a search box, your local weather, a way to input what you’re focusing on today, links to the chrome extensions section and a to-do list as well as customize the background. In order to support the features of the extension, The extension will update your new-tab search provider to be powered by Bing. By clicking “Add to chrome”, I accept and agree to installing the Daily Tab's Chrome extension and setting Chrome™ New Tab to that provided by the service and the Terms of Use (https://daily-stop.com/trms/) and Privacy Policy (http://daily-stop.com/pp/). Powered by Daily Stop, Corp Technology - we are 100% FREE! Permissions used & reasons: "Replace the page you see when opening a new tab" This allows us to show you our new tab page with free web search and. "Read your browsing history" This allows us to tailor product specific content or offers towards relevant information. "Read and change your bookmarks" - this allows to show the bookmarks in the extension user interface "Manage your apps, extensions, and themes" This allows us to help you disable or remove this product and also understand whether we are able to provide the best experience. "contextMenus"- The extension requires this permission in order to make the access to the Find now and web search as convenient as possible, through the extension “browser action” button. “Cookies” - The extension requires these permissions in order to allow payment for distribution affiliates. "Manage your downloads" / "Open downloaded files" - the extension offers quick access to the download folder. How do I uninstall the Daily Tab extension? On the top right of your screen, right click the Extension icon and choose "Remove from Chrome".

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