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VoiceRules - Cloud-based Virtual Phone Systems for Small Business | make a call from anywhere. Make calls to any phone number across the globe at a single click with the VoiceRules virtual phone system. VoiceRules is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system for businesses of all sizes. VoiceRules uses cloud computing to deploy a flexible telephony network over the internet. Create and manage your own international call center, global support, or sales team within seconds and minutes. You can replace your old-school telephony systems with new-age, scalable, and reliable phone systems. With a click of a button, take your business global. Improve your perception and make your international clients comfortable by providing them with a local number to call. Empower your sales team to explore global sales opportunities and keep a close and real-time track of their activity and performance. You don't need any new hardware or cable or sim. All you need is a VoiceRules account and your phone or computer. Make calls using our app or website or this extension and receive calls directly on your phone number. Let's get started with VoiceRules now. ================================================ ABOUT THIS EXTENSION VoiceRules Chrome Extension works with your VoiceRules.com account. It allows you to add click to call and click to text buttons beside valid phone numbers in your CRM (that VoiceRules integrates with). It also notifies you when there is an incoming phone call on your VoiceRules phone number. You can answer incoming calls directly from your Chrome browser. Click to Call dialing from web pages, integration with any softphone, screen pops in HubSpot and other CRMs. Click to Call, also known as Click2Call, or Click to Dial allows you to click a phone number on any web page and make a phone call. Click to Call CTI for CRM extension by VoiceRules converts phone numbers on web pages into clickable links to allow quick dialing and integrates with various CRMs and Service Desk applications. With Click to Call CTI for CRM extension you can: ■ Use Click to Call while you work inside your CRM Login into your web based CRM, and Click to Call CTI for CRM extension will find callers or contacts on active calls and display contact or lead information (screen pop). ■ Choose one of the popular CRMs - HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk and others If you tell us about your CRM and we will be happy to add it to Click to Call CTI for CRM extension. ■ Easily add call notes to CRM. You can add call notes for all the incoming and outgoing calls ■ Combine Click to Call CTI for CRM extension with VoiceRules This way you can use Click to Call CTI for CRM extension for Click2Call ( Click to Call ) and VoiceRules t for voice calls, instant messaging, voice conferencing, and CRM integration. Visit https://VoiceRules.com for more information about VoiceRules. Requirement: This extension requires VoiceRules paid account. Pricing starts at $16/month. ================================================ TERMS and PRIVACY POLICY By using this Chrome Extension, you agree to the VoiceRules Terms & Conditions available at https://www.voicerules.com/terms_conditions and Privacy Policy available at https://www.voicerules.com/privacy_policy CHROME PERMISSION USAGE DISCLOSURE: This chrome extension requires following permissions from your Chrome browser: 1. notifications: Used to send you notification for incoming phone call and sms. DISCLAIMER: This extension uses Google Analytics to collect extension usage statistics to help improve user experience. If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, please visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout or you can set up a filter in Adblock Plus or similar ad blocker tools like AdBlock, uBlock or Adblock Pro.

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