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【Targets】:Keep And Search Everything Important In A Second , Just Like Your Brain.(to compensate for the fallibility of 🧠 fragmented memory) ==> Quickly build a body of knowledge/skill tree of both depth and breadth in a field! In fact, I haven't forgotten anything important since then, even when the workload doubled!!! From now on,You can just search quickly 🌩,rather than I can barely remember😂. Zero-Configuration For Best Efficiency —— Just like the browser itself! [Security Promise 🛡] The plugin does not do any data synchronization and acquisition, completely dependent on the user's own Google account synchronization service, can be used with confidence! 【2.1.0】 Improve reading efficiency through the native language and correct translation accuracy through the original language ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThKi_5t0rX4 Support Engine:Google、Microsoft、QQ detail docs:https://juejin.cn/post/7298966922329587763 - 🔥Alt + T,T for Translate -- Translate To English - 🔥Alt + Shift + T,T for Translate -- Translate To English - 🔥Alt + H,H for Highlight -- find and highlight multi keywords - Right Click Menu -> 【Bilingual Immersion Translation】,this will work if keys conflict 【v1.8.0】 🔥 Big Features: support for ChatGPT history messages !!! ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZFhieUhUvQ - 🔥 Alt + C:C for Chatgpt -- index chatgpt histories and search for key information; - 🔥 Alt + Shift + C:C for Chatgpt -- view current chat and search for key information; - Alt + W:W for workspace -- fast switch mass tabs; 【v1.7.0】 - export bookmarks to xmind; 【v1.5.8】 - Alt + Shift + L(L for Location):ont key to open all parent bookmark dirs which current tab belongs to,for more editing. 【v1.4.7】 - intelligent webpage outline (Alt + O, O for Outline); 【v1.4.5】 - support for quick switching of the most recently active Tab (Alt + Left/Right); - support for quick slide to the top/bottom of the page (Alt + Up/Down); - addition of functional tables to the Pop window; Flash Switcher is a tool focused on improving the efficiency and experience of browser operations, focusing on the most commonly used multi-tab Tab switching, thousands or even tens of thousands of bookmark search, and a huge amount of search history, practicing the concept of "what is useful now is likely to be useful in the future", achieving constant-level, immersive operation of any number of Tabs, bookmarks, and history, improving efficiency and saving a huge amount of gross time. 【Methodological Basis】: - Browsers are the most frequently used tools, and each task or knowledge point usually retrieves or associates multiple links that constitute the current, specific context (site); - Search engines are oceans of information with low value density and high time and opportunity costs (trial and error)!!! ; - browser local information similar to memory, fragments of experience, high value density, suitable for solving repetitive problems encountered in the present with past experience; - Bookmarks time efficiency >> notes (seconds >> minutes): collection of other people's high-value notes/articles only takes a few seconds, ideal for a large number of fragments but useful experience (the number of personal bookmarks 【2.2w+】), while the time spent on their own notes is usually measured in minutes, or even hours, but the future gains are not high; 【you can think of bookmarks as Super Brain Map Mind, which can be quickly extended】 【Bookmark Management】 - Esc - hide all Flash Switcher Pop Window - Global Lightning Search (Alt+Z, Z is similar to Lightning) - Add bookmark (Alt+A, A for Add) - Search bookmarks (Alt+B, B for Bookmarks) - Quickly locate associated other bookmarks (Alt+L, L for Location) - Support title and url search at the same time ------------------------------ - Automatically modify the Bookmarks Tab to the current category name instead of the default, unrecognizable [Bookmarks] for better support of bookmark management multiple openings; - Double click any category 📂 logo to open the bookmark management of the current category, very convenient to jump to the specified category. 【Tab Management】 - Embedded full screen panel (double click shift to simulate system level switch panel) - Pop-up panel - Free layout Support 4 layouts, suitable for different screen sizes and near-sighted habits - Multi-keyword quick search - Tab grouping - Cross-window drag and drop, sorting ------------------------------ - Support modify Tab name to be more semantic and searchable (Alt+M, M for Modify)

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