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Permissions to , and required to support synchronize feature between different PC. As you may see all new permissions is permissions to google services. If you don't trust google, then better to not use google chrome at all. With that extension you could save all opened tabs in current window. This is realy good, when you often need to open many tabs on diferent subjects. Features: 1. Ability to save opened tabs with unique name and reopening them in futher 2. Ability to export all stored data to Google Drive and import it later in other PC 3. Ability to open different tabs in previously saved group 4. Ability to delete tabs group or separate tab in group 5. Ability to add new tab to existing tabs group 6. Ability to rename existing tabs group 7. Ability to Update existing tabs group with the current open tabs 8. Ability to Export and import all your saved tabs groups to local disk Hints: If you enter on Tabs Saver preference page you may export your tabs data and save it in file or export it into Google Drive. Also you may disable facebook "like" plugin and switch open tabs mode. Use shift+click if you wanna open tabs group in new window when default mode is used. Use shift+click if you wanna open tabs group in current window when "new window" mode is used. If you will click on gear button, then you will get group control menu, where: Cross icon - deleting group Plus icon - adding current selected tab in window to the group Disk icon - updating group with the current opened tabs in window Select cursor icon - rename group Use ctrl+click or middle mouse button if you do not need close already opened tabs and open one of saved tabs group. You may use "enter" key when you rename, or save tabs group. Bug report mail:

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