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Loom is the industry leading screen recording tool. Join more than 14 million people across 200,000 companies who use Loom to record their screen, share their thoughts visually, and provide asynchronous feedback. With Loom you can record your screen and instantly get a link to share with anyone. It’s the fastest and easiest way to screen capture and stay connected with your team. Whether you’re screen recording a product demo, giving feedback, or simply sharing your thoughts, Loom makes it simple to stay in the loop with async video. KEY FEATURES 📽️ Record your screen, camera, microphone, and internal audio 💾 Automatically save videos to the cloud and share them instantly with a link 💬 Get notified when someone views, reacts, or comments on your video 😀 Leave time-based comments and emoji reactions 📚 Manage your Loom video library on-the-go and across devices 🔒 Choose who can see your video with security and access controls ⏬ Download recordings to your camera roll 📽️ Screen Recorder 📽️ - Record your screen, camera, or both for free - iOS and Android apps to record your mobile phone - Record in 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 4k HD - Add flair to your video with camera frames, backgrounds, and camera effects like blurring 💾 Video Hosting 💾 - Store your videos inside of Loom HQ - Upload Zoom and Google Meet recordings directly into Loom to search and find later - Create hashtags to keep track of important videos 🪄 Share With A Link 🪄 - Our recordings finish so fast that we had to file multiple patents - Anyone in the world can watch your screen recording for free - Share your videos to LinkedIn, Twitter, or publish to the Google Search index 🗣️ Drive Engagement 🗣️ - Use comments and emoji reactions to boost engagement - Respond with your own Loom in the comments to create a video message thread - Loom videos automatically display in Slack and Microsoft Teams ⏱️ Meeting Replacement ⏱️ - Send a Loom instead of having another standup meeting - Record a presentation with Loom and send it to your audience ahead of time - Screen record your next weekly update to add rich visual context and your own personal touch TRUSTED BY THE BEST Over 14 million people across 200,000 companies use Loom to record, share, and review asynchronous video. From HubSpot, to Atlassian, to Netflix, Loom is the screen recording and collaboration tool of choice for top companies. EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND MORE Using Loom, you can collaborate with your team, add time-stamped comments and reactions to those videos, and save videos you’ve recorded to your device. Now, you can spend less time crafting the perfect email between meetings, and say it with video using Loom. ABOUT LOOM Loom is the leading video communication platform for async work. Engineered for simplicity and speed, you can record, watch, and share videos to move work forward whether you're at your desk or on the move. LOOM IN THE NEWS "Why are we all trapped in enterprise chat apps if we talk 6X faster than we type, and our brain processes visual info 60,000X faster than text?...now is the time for Loom." – TechCrunch "It fills this gap between writing an email and taking the time to have a meeting or conference...it's rare to have something that's low friction and high impact, while also adding personal connection." – Forbes “Asynchronous video is catching on fast, and Loom thinks it's going to change the way we work. And maybe do everything else, too.” – Protocol

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