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A. Taha Baki
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Searching wouldn't be much simpler... Browsers are limiting you to use one search engine at a time. With this extension, you're extending your capabilities. You can use any search engine you want, search for anything... You have the ultimate freedom. Wanted to search quicker than ever? Definitely this extension is for you. It'll be worth it. Spend less time while changing your search engine... What this extension offers: - quick search, - saving time, - customization, - simple usage... and much more... How can I use it? It's really simple. It has 2 main parts. First one is focus on the address bar. The second part is really simple, type what you wanna search. For the first part, I am using keyboard shortcut (cmd/ctrl+L) on the video which immediately focuses to chrome's address bar. Or you can just click to address bar. For the second part, type "@" in address bar. You should see something relevant to this extension left-side on the address bar. Then press "tab" key. We'll mention this part as "smartbox tools page". How can I search? For accessing all the available search engines, after you've entered smartbox tools page, type just "." (dot). You should see a list of suggestions. For example, "Search on ()". For listing in a comma separated list, you need to type 3 dots instead of just one dot, e.g. "...". You can add, delete a search engine from the list of all available search engines. Or you can import, export the list. For Advanced Usage/Users: * Export the list of available search engines * Import the list of available search engines For exporting the list after entered the smartbox tools page, type "=>". Then you should see "Export as JSON", move down to there and you should see a JSON data, select all of it. This is exported data you want and customize. For importing the list after entered the smartbox tools page, type "<= ". Replace "" with JSON data you want to replace... v4.7 Changes: * Fixed problems in the searching algorithm... For demo video: For more information see the link below: You can contact me via: Instagram: Reddit: GitHub:

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4.7 已同步至最新
2020年8月21日 1年前