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Get the most of the RoundPie (Previously PomoDone) to apply Tomato 🍅 technique, invented by Francesco Cirillo, to your workflow. The extension embeds timers into your favorite Task Management tool (e.g. Trello, Todoist, Asana, ClickUp and even Google Docs), we have 16 integrations! Block certain websites while your Timer is ticking (now with * wildcard, with blacklist or whitelist)! Now with new set of ambient sounds, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Lithuanian language packs! What should I do to start using the extension? 1. Create a free RoundPie account here: and verify your account via emailed link. 2. Install the extension and connect it to your RoundPie Account by adding your RoundPie API Key to extension’s Options, or by Logging in to your RoundPie Account. You’re all set. How to use the extension? Option 1: Open your favorite task management tool, and click Start button. Option 2: Just click the extension icon and select which timer you'd like to run. We'll create a task in RoundPie's Local > Web Project with page's Title and URL to help you find it later. You can also rename the title, if you wish, before starting the timer. You can define your RoundPie Task title by selecting any text on the page. Use the right click to make this selected text as the task title. URL will remain saved as well. All the timers you run are being saved in RoundPie's log ( with all the context details (task title, date, time and duration) and synced to other RoundPie App instances (desktop app, web app and mobile apps). Who is this extension for? It’s for anyone who wants to be more focused on everyday tasks, using simple but effective invented by Francesco Cirillo 🍅 technique with his current task management system, or just get his digital time organized better. ---------------------------------------------------- # What is RoundPie? RoundPie is the easiest way to track your workflow using invented by Francesco Cirillo 🍅 technique, on top of your current task management service. It helps you focus on most important tasks and improve mental agility, so you DO more. # Easy setup Don't copy'n'paste tasks anymore! Just connect your favorite task management service and start using RoundPie instantly. # Track time Forget manually managed time sheets. RoundPie automatically counts all the time you spend on different tasks. You can export it any time. --- RoundPie App is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo. Pomodoro ™ is a registered trademark of Francesco Cirillo. All logos and marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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