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翻译 Update: We now support Single-Sign-On (SSO) in the Chrome Extension for all MiaProva customers. We've also updated Live Activities' detection based on the customized use of Adobe Target within Single Page Applications that leverage triggerView(). The only requirement to use the MiaProva Chrome Extension is at.js. Adobe Target users using mbox.js will need to upgrade. MiaProva supports any use of Adobe Target Standard and Adobe Target Premium. We also provide complete integration with Adobe Analytics to support reporting Activities that leverage A4T. Below is a small list of features by each MiaProva Chrome Extension tab. We also have more information available here: https://www.miaprova.com/blog/adobe-target-chrome-extension-brought-to-you-by-miaprova/. ACTIVITIES tab: Here, Adobe Target users can easily see what activities and experiences they are members of as they traverse their digital properties. They can also see what other activities are mapped to their Adobe Target ID - very helpful to understanding the cross-test participation. Target users will also see the data being communicated to Adobe Target and response from Adobe with the order of activities and offers execution for QA purposes. MiaProva also makes the offer code available for easy consumption as well. The premium feature on the Activities tab is that MiaProva customers can access reporting for any live Adobe Target Activity managed within MiaProva. Additionally, MiaProva users can also upload test screenshots to those tests within this tab. PROFILE tab: This tab gives Adobe Target users a window into what Profile Attributes and values are associated with their Adobe Target ID. This feature creates an incredible opportunity for Adobe Target users to become more familiar with what Profiles are and how to use them for their personalization efforts. You can view all of your attributes within this tab, add additional attributes (helpful for many reasons!), and edit any of your current non-user—profile attributes. ID tab: Users can quickly see and copy any visitor ID values used as part of their optimization efforts. We purposely put the mbox3rdPartyId or 1st party ID in the first spot to highlight this underutilized component that allows Adobe Target users to coordinate tests across devices and use all the rich data available in internal databases. IDEAS tab: Premium Feature - MiaProva's Chrome Extension is directly linked to end-user MiaProva accounts. Users can add test ideas in the context of their site and research. MiaProva will communicate ideas submitted here to MiaProva's Idea Board for voting and prioritization. Subscribers to new ideas will get an email letting them know. REPORTS tab: Premium Feature - MiaProva customers can access all their A/B and XT test results via MiaProva's integration within Adobe I/O. MiaProva also provides lift and statistical confidence calculations and makes them available here. Thank you for checking out the MiaProva Chrome Extension. We would love any feedback, thoughts, or ideas. Please reach out to us at support@miaprova.com, and we will get back to you right away.

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