Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab
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This extension offers you spider gwen wallpapers in every new tab and allows you to customize your new tab. By using its customizable options, you can reach the popular websites you want faster by using features such as a quick access shortcut. Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab Key Features 1. Six different HD spider gwen wallpapers. 2. SearchBol/Google/Bing etc search options 3. Customizable — show/hide features as you like 4. Easy-to-use calculator for your math operations 5. Time information on your new tab page 6. Search history in new tab 9. Adding an optional custom search engine 10. Quick access ahortcuts of popular websites in the middle Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab lets you customize the new tab page exactly the way you want it. The goal of Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab extantion is full customization, allowing you to make it as simple or complex as you want. New Tab Detailed Features ✓ Wallpapers in New Tab Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab extantion offers you different wallpapers in every new tab. ✓ Search Bar With the search bar in the middle, you can search the web with searchbol. If you wish, you can change the search engine in the settings. ✓ Simple Calculator Calculator in the new tab so you can do your simple math faster. ✓ Time Information You can access the time information by clicking the time sign on the right. ✓ Search History in New Tab It offers search history in the new tab so you can access your search history faster. ✓ Quick Access Shortcuts You can quickly reach the sites you want with the quick access links under the search bar. You can change active links with different websites from the settings section on the left. ✓ Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab Settings You can do all the customizations from the settings panel by clicking the settings icon in the upper left. In this area, you can choose one of the spider gwen wallpapers and use the constantly selected wallpaper. You can close the areas that you do not want to display in the new tab from the Feature section. You can change the quick access shortcuts in the Bookmarks section. If you have a different search engine that you have used from the Search Engine section, you can add this search engine to your new tab. You can set your theme to night or light mode with Other Settings. You can reach frequently asked questions about the theme in the Help section. Finally, you can enjoy these features for free! Spider Gwen HD Wallpaper New Tab extension does not contain any hidden ads. Help and Contact Contact with us at info@cawallpaper.com and share your thoughts and problems.

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