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What are strengths of GRE Words in 10 Days? It is not only a word list for GRE test, it is also a solution of GRE preparation combined with cutting edge English vocabulary building method and information technology. Based on proven GRE vocabulary, the app guides you to work with 10 days’ assignments. 2 days are for Skim Known, and 8 days for Build Vocabulary. If there is a gap to your GRE exam day, the app also offers a special Keep Warm feature to help you review words periodically. Do I have to sign in to use GRE Words in 10 Days? Yes, please sign in at first because your study data and status are saved at server side. Only after you sign in successfully, the app can retrieve or save your data correctly. If you don't have account of yet, please create one at website. An account of (English Test Vocabulary) is good for all web apps in this site, and all web apps in this site are free. Do I have to follow the app’s assignments day by day? Yes, because each day’s assignment relies on finished words of previous days. It is dynamically produced for separate student based on individual progress just in time. It means if you finished Day 3 yesterday, you should do Day 4 now. At this time, Day 1 - Day 3 are closed and Day 5 - Day 10 aren’t available. What status should I select? Can I modify occasional errors in selection? At all assignment pages, you have 3 options: New, means you don't know yet, need to learn; Known, means you already know, skip it forever; Need Review, means you want to review in future. You can set and change status at assignment pages. Besides, at Candidate List page you can adjust any word's status for special reason, such as correcting wrong selections. What is Skim Known in the app? More or less you already know or half-know some words in candidate list. To focus on real new words you should select them out at Day 1 and Day 2. This phase is called Skim Known. If you mark a word as known, it won’t appear again in future; if as need-review, it will occur to review per 2 or 3 days from Day 3 to Day 10. What is Build Words in the app? Build Words is main phase of GRE Words in 10 Days. It consists of Day 3 to Day 10. Each day you will be given up to 150 new words to learn. (The actually number depends on your finished words previously.) In addition new words, you also need to review lots of previously-learned-words that are selected by built-in algorithms to help you refresh them. What is Keep Warm in the app? If You finish all 10 days' assignments, but there is a gap to your GRE test day, you need keep new learnings warm until test is over. Keep Warm picks up words for you to review by previous learning and reviewing with built-in algorithms. You can use less time to refresh GRE vocabulary periodically. Do I have to finish one day's assignment at one time, or in 24 hours? No. For Skim or Review, each Submit is up to 60 words; for New words, a submit is up to 10 words. So one day's assignment consists of multiple jobs, you can do each of them independently. Besides, you can finish them more than 24 hours, it means you can use 2 or more calendar days for one day's assignment. Of course, you also can do 2 days' jobs in 24 hours. So, you can finish the whole course in 5 calendar days or 20 calendar days based on your paces. Submit jobs in Skim, Review, and New Words will change word status; Save in Candidate List also change word status. Is there any difference between them? Yes, they both change word status. At first case the learning or reviewing activities have been saved as well. Built-in algorithms use these activities to select words to review in Build Words and Keep Warm phases. As for saving in Candidate List, no any activity data are kept except status change. So you cannot use Save to replace Submit job.

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