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Hello! I am Roxy. I am also known as Wakraya and Homestuck Examination, and recently, I finished an Archival Project to preserve all Homestuck Flashes as videos, Homestuck Archived. Of course, simply having the Videos to preserve the content in high quality was nice, but I wanted to go a step beyond. Enter: This Extension, which replaces the Flash and HTML5 content from Homestuck.com, and injects my Videos instead! Considering I don't know what the state of the Homestuck Website will be by the time Flash becomes obsolete, I wanted to make an easy and quick way to preserve as much of the original experience and even improve the quality in some aspects, of the original Website. In addition to improved and updated Videos for each original Flash Page, this Plug-in will include Links to pages that would have otherwise been linked through Flash, but evidently no longer can be linked as an embed Youtube video. I have tested this Extension in two computers- One running on Windows 7, and another on 8, with the most updated version of Chrome, and outside of some light lag in certain, content-intensive pages, it seems to work flawlessly! However my test sample was small. Please report any bugs and glitches you may experience here, and if a Flash Page doesn't change properly, try refreshing first. I intended to make this for Firefox too- But Firefox presented a couple of unique problems Chrome doesn't have that made some pages quite literally un-navigable. If I find a way to fix it, I'll make sure to upload the counterpart, but as it stands, this is the only existing version of this Plug-In. Also do consider, I am not an expert in this kind of stuff. I'll admit, some of this code is pure spaghetti, but I've manually checked every single page it affects, and it shooooould work just fine. Finally, Youtube doesn't allow recommended videos to be turned off, so be aware, when the video runs out, about the possibility of Spoilers in the thumbnails! This project was designed, in the first place, to help newcomers getting into Homestuck get the best possible experience, but that is something that cannot be solved, simply by how Youtube itself works. And if you don't know what Homestuck is, but this preservation effort interests you... Good luck. https://www.homestuck.com/

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