1000 Top Chinese Words & Audio by FvrHassan
Anna Nihuang
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I am an American English-speaker. This is a free Chinese Language-Learning Chrome Extension that I created. It was inspired by those English SAT Vocabulary Chrome Extensions in which I would open a new tab, and a new thesaurus word would appear, teaching me a new word each time I open a new chrome tab. Even better, the audio pronunciation was included. My English has gotten so good, that I have begun wanting to learn foreign languages as an American. I want to learn Chinese, word-by-word, by opening new tabs on Google Chrome as I multi-task other online activities. These are the top 1000 most frequent Chinese words found from Wikipedia, in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. (All my Chinese chrome extensions have both Simplified and Traditional characters so that you'd learn both.) I added the Mandarin Audio too. Just add the extension and you'll see what it does each time you open a new tab! Hope you enjoy! Please join https://discord.gg/heaN7MvDmF or donate to https://paypal.com/artistqueen to support me! Here's what my coding partner wrote as a description: A bunch of Chrome Extensions for learning Chinese (and Korean) that I developed with FvrHassan. More specifically, four extensions. And all three of them are pretty much the same thing, but with a different set of words. Contact me at hassanbot.com or https://discord.gg/heaN7MvDmF if you run into any issues. * 214 Chinese Radicals by FvrHassan and TinyDharla * 365 Top Korean Words by FvrHassan and TinyDharla * 1000 Top Chinese Words with Audio by FvrHassan and TinyDharla * 3000 Top Chinese Words with Audio by FvrHassan and TinyDharla All words also have audio. Audio was generated automatically by putting the word in Google Translate and recording the audio. A simple Python program did all the work. Very satisfying to watch thousands of audio files being generated automatically without any work needed on your end. :) The extensions will change your New Tab page to a page where you will be shown a random word and will have to guess the correct meaning. You can click on "Show Meaning" to see what the meaning was. This way, you can passively absorb information and learn new things. This concept goes beyond language learning. We all use browsers a lot, and naturally we open a lot of new tabs. If we see a new piece of information each time we open a new tab, imagine how smart one could get over the course of days, weeks, and months. Since the average person opens probably hundreds of new tabs every day, the results would be that much faster. If that sounds like you, you could learn a lot in just a day or two. This is what the extensions look like: ![1000 Top Chinese Words with Audio by FvrHassan and TinyDharla](https://i.imgur.com/XP6etXX.png) As you can see, it has a pretty basic design, nothing too fancy. You can't add words right now, since the person I made this for just had a list of words on Wikipedia and othre websites which I simply scraped for him. Perhaps, in the future, I might add the ability to add your own words in the extension. Contact me at hassanbot.com or https://discord.gg/heaN7MvDmF if you run into any issues. Though this is such a basic process, a simple Google search will get it working in less than a minute.

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