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A chrome extension that uses UptimeRobot (http://uptimerobot.com/) API's to display server statuses using Monitor or Account API key's at a click of the button. The extension is also capable of providing desktop notifications of server up and down statuses. Features -------- * Supports both Account and Monitor API keys. * Server up and down desktop notifications. * Immediate visible server up and down notifications in the extension browser action icon. * Immidiate visible Total, 1 day and 7 day stats. * Group monitors to see them separated in the extension display. * Options and data stored using chrome storage sync API allowing it to be sync'ed between chrome's if signed in. * Uses jquery.plugin.uptimeRobotMonitor to provide a beautiful visualization of server status and statistics related to 1 day, 7 day and all time server uptime percentages. * Can use only Monitor API keys if you do not want to provide Account API key and hence trustable and secure. Usage ----- Install the extension. Go to the options by either clicking the setting buttons in the browser action popup or from the extensions page. Configure the required options. Add moniter and/or account API keys that you get from your UptimeRobot.com control panel. Provide a good name, a group and a color to the monitor. You can change everything except the API key once it is added. Options ------- * Remove all the stored data: Removes all the monitors configured and settings saved w.r.t the extension. * Refresh Interval (in mins): The interval at which the monitors are queried to get the server statuses for alerting desktop and browser action icon notification. * Disable background notification: Disables the desktop and browser action icon notification's. This stops periodic query of UptimeRobot API's to get the server statuses. * Add key: Adds/Saves the API keys configuration. * Key: The Monitor or Account API key * Color: The color of the server/monitor to use while displaying them in the browser action popup for this Key. * Name: A readable public name for the server/monitor. * Group: Adds the key to a particular group. The browser action popup groups by this name while displaying the server statuses. Project Site ------------ The project site is hosted at http://shreyaspurohit.github.io/chrome.extension.uptimeRobotMonitor/.

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