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FashionReps Tools: FashionReps tools is an extension made to make browsing fashionreps / taobao a little easier. Here is a small rundown of the features. 1: Saving tabs Saving tabs is exactly what you would expect, it saves your tabs. You can save a tab by right-clicking the extension icon in the top right corner by pressing "Save this page", and it will automatically save the tab with a name and the link. You can also edit the name by opening the settings menu under the Tabs section. Here you can also manually enter name and links for tabs to save. 2: Converting links Converting mobile links to desktop taobao links, so there is two ways to do this. The easiest is just by clicking a mobile link, the extension will automatically convert the link and open the desktop version. You can also open the "Link Converter" tab in the extension and manually convert a link if the auto-converter isnt working properly. 3: Searching reddit If you right-click a taobao link you will be greeted by the option "Search reddit", by clicking this a new tab will open searching on the subreddit for anything containing the item id of the link on the r/FashionReps sub-reddit. Remember this may not always show proper results, but it can still be useful looking up other reviews of an item. 4: Chat The chat is a open chatbox where you can talk to other people. The chatbox does not use reddits login system so people can choose whatever nickname they want, watch out for impersonators. 5: Clean Reddit Can be enabled in the settings tab. This enables sort-of a readmode for reddit, it removes the sidebar, header and footer from the r/FashionReps subreddit. It makes it alot easier to read content while looking alot more modern. 6: Quickbuy Quickly open a taobao product on your prefered shopping agent. Simply right-click on the extension icon and click the "Quickbuy" button while viewing/having a taobao tab open and a new tab will open with the same item id. 7: Agent You can select your prefered Taobao Agent in the ''settings'' tab. This will enable Quickbuy for your prefered agent. 8: Theme Change your extension theme to match your personal prefrence. 9: Always Chat Have the chat be avaliable on every webpage, chat with other members and ask questions on the fly.

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