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You quite certainly have a few tabs open or pinned that are very useful, but not needed right now. They don't deserve to be bookmarked, although, are too important to be lost in a browser's reading list. Toast is a place to save them. The extension helps you control open tabs by saving & closing the ones that aren't needed at this exact moment, so you can be more efficient working on one thing at a time. There are many ways people use Toast, below are a few. If any resonates with you, go ahead and try it. It's free and is only 2 minutes to set up. 🥪 Save Quora, StackOverflow, Youtube... findings to reference later 🥪 Organize various Google Docs and Drive file links by client or topic 🥪 Save your research for a new project, degree work, market study, etc 🥪 Collect a list of design, photo, code... examples to send as a single link 🥪 Save and close an entire window to start working on something else 🥪 Open multiple links in a single click (prepare for a webinar or specific type of work) 🥪 Move open tabs from one browser to another. All together. Save every link that's useful to you. Organize it however you want. * Toast requires account creation to provide some of its great functionality. Read more: For those, who are tired of massive full-page tabs or bookmark managers, and are looking for alternatives, Toast can be an unexpectedly interesting solution thanks to its native, minimalistic design and the largest browser support. *** Toast V3.2 This update is all about bringing your most used features closer and streamlining the day-to-day routine. Everything you love in Toast is now easier to reach and thus - faster. Extension: – “Sessions” are now “Folders” – Quickly add current tab into any folder using the new “+” button in folder line – Clicking a folder name will now show the links list instead of opening it in a new window. To open a folder in a new window use the "open" button on the right of the folder line. – Changed some wording in a few places to make it clearer for newbies – Fixed a minor bug P.S. It might take a couple times to get used to the update, but once you’re there, you’ll feel how much better it is. *** Toast V3.0 This update removes browser barriers, adds features to enjoy Toast with friends, family, or colleagues, brings more security and stability. So what’s exactly new? Extension: – Live synchronization (see tabs open on other browsers) – Session collaboration (work with the team) – UX improvements & bug fixes Web App: – Link & session search (quickly find what you need) – Session collaboration – Live synchronization – Recently deleted (never lose anything important) – Create session from the web app (use Toast even without the extension) – Completely rewritten to ensure flawless experience Subscription model: – Referral system (Get free months for a friend invitation) *** Toast V2.5 This update brings a lot of features you’ve been dreaming about. What’s new. Platform: – Completely Refreshed Interface – 4x Faster Performance – New Web Dashboard for Session Management Extension: – New Session Creation Screen - Edit Before Saving – Link Renaming – Share Sessions as a Link – Added Shortcuts – VPN + Toast = 💛 – Sign In with Apple Subscription model: – Session Sharing by Link and Email (Now is Free) – Access to Web Session Manager Dashboard (Now is Free) – Sessions Synchronization from All Browsers to Web Dashboard (Now is Free) – 50% OFF Subscription

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