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Da Vinci Tools brings handy enhancements to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and Data Studio. Google Ads (aka AdWords): ▻ Table Heat Maps Google Analytics: ▻ Go directly to UA Config Variable from a GA Tag ▻ Revert/Refund transactions or individual items [1] ▻ Remember the last report you were on ▻ Easily turn off tracking for the specified properties (for you only) ▻ Keep the report and table header at the top when scrolling ▻ Show view name in tab title ▻ Highlight high/low points in overview graphs ▻ Table heat map ▻ Simplified table comparison when using multiple data ranges ▻ Confidence Test calculator ▻ Create request for Reporting API v4, GSheet Addon or Supermetrics based on the current report settings ▻ Add several options to the date picker ▻ Handle pop-up link when Page is prefixed with Hostname using a filter ▻ Easily clear all segments to get back to "All Users" ▻ Pin a default segment instead of "All Users" Google Tag Manager: ▻ Create a new Tag/Trigger/Variable from the Overview pane ▻ RegEx are validated for Trigger rules and RegEx Table Lookup Variables ▻ Search filters to display only Tags/Triggers/Variables ▻ Pause/Unpause tags directly from the Tags tab ▻ Inject your own GTM container on any page you want ▻ Easily copy/paste values from/to RegEx and Table Lookup variables ▻ Remember the last container you were on ▻ Remember your sorting preference for Overview, Tags, Triggers and Variables ▻ Make central table sticky & other UX improvements ▻ Easily turn off the specified container (for you only) ▻ Turn all built-in variables on/off at once ▻ Dark themed editor ▻ Show container name in tab title ▻ Automatically create a code block when creating a new custom JavaScript variable or custom HRML tag ▻ Code beautification for custom HTML tags and custom JavaScript variables ▻ Highlight vars in code editor ▻ Sort fields, custom dimensions and metrics when editing a GA tag ▻ Tidy GTM Preview ▻ Exit GTM Preview easily from the Preview window ▻ Remember if GTM Preview was minimized or expanded when navigating ▻ Allow Ctrl-C/Right-Click Copy to copy selected code when in Preview Mode Data Studio: ▻ Automatically show sampling ▻ Auto-refresh the dashboard at the desired interval Da Vinci Tools is another creation of Stéphane Hamel, the original author of the Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) extension for tags auditing & debugging used by over 50,000 users. [1] Those items requires access to your Google Analytics data. Privacy Policy in Simple Terms: Da Vinci Tools doesn't collect/store your data - at all. Google Analytics data access is required for some features[1]. Chrome extension usage is tracked automatically by the Chrome Web Store. You can opt-in to share your email and usage to help improve this tool. This data will not be shared or used for other purposes. Read the full privacy policy linked on the right.

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