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Make a difference for yourself and your community while you shop online by finding the best prices on local alternatives to Amazon products and having a percentage of the cost of your orders donated to the charity of your choice. With Cultivate, every purchase you make at one of our thousands of partner websites earns you a donation of at least $1.00. Cultivate supports thousands of charities to make sure you can support the cause you're most passionate about or learn about new causes that need your help. Get started in seconds by adding Cultivate to your browser and shopping like normal. We’ll pop up on our partner sites so you can turn us on and let us do the rest. All you have to do is keep on the cycle of paying it forward and watching your purchases make the world a better place. Find the lower-priced local alternatives while you shop on Amazon Cultivate identifies the products you view on Amazon to show you where the brand and seller of the items you're looking at are located and find the best deals on similar products from trustworthy stores. Cultivate will show you stores in your local community where the products you want are available for pick up that same day. In addition to local sellers, Cultivate also shows you small businesses that carry similar products. Earn money to donate at over 5,000 merchants Cultivate pops up on over 5,000 partner merchants’ websites so you can earn money to donate almost anywhere you shop with one click. After you make a purchase at a Cultivate partner, a percentage of your order value will be added to your charity wallet so you can tell us which one of the thousands of vetted charities in Cultivate you would like us to donate it to. You’ll usually see the notification to donate the next day so you can start your day off strong by giving back at no cost to you. Find partner merchants anywhere you shop Look for the Cultivate badge on Google search results to find Cultivate partners there, too. We believe that giving back should be encouraged, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do the good you want to do. The more you shop, the more you earn Every purchase made with Cultivate earns you points that push you closer to the next donation level. As your level increases, so does the percentage of your orders that you earn in donations, starting at 3% and increasing up to 5.1%. We know you want to make as big a difference as possible, so we want to let your impact grow.

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