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Private Notes is ideal for storing the most sensitive information like Recovery codes, Wi-Fi passwords, server configs, etc... Privacy and permissions: - There are no permissions - this extension can't make any remote requests or submit any data! - This extension is NOT using own cloud servers, data are synchronized by "Chrome Sync" engine (encrypted). - Your password is NOT stored at all. It's hashed using advanced PBKDF2 function with 100k iterations and strong salt. - Unlocked notes and decryption keys are never stored - they are only kept in the system memory. - Even if someone gains physical access to your PC, he won't be able to access your notes nor password. This is one of the safest place ever created! Top features: - Encrypted notes - all your notes are always stored encrypted! - Automatic backups - each device creates encrypted local backups of your notes (plus "Chrome Sync" holds a backup) - No need to create additional account - Chrome Sync will handle everything - Advanced Text Editor - supports many advanced text features - Code highlight for many popular languages and configs - Compression - all notes are compressed to save space - Auto-lock - will help you keep your notes locked when you leave your PC - No Ads! Worst case scenarios: - Someone hacks into Google database: - no problem, all user data should be stored encrypted by Chrome Sync engine. Brute force attack is practically impossible. And even after that, the data are still encrypted by extension! - Someone stoles your PC and can read whole drive: - your data are stored encrypted by extension. Brute force attack may be possible if you used weak password! Prefer longer password over short and complicated. Strong passwords are practically impossible to crack. - Someone hacks into my 2FA protected account (Juraj, author of this extension) and releases a new updated version with host permission that will send data to an attacker server after you unlock your notes: - extensions cannot add host permissions without explicit user approval. You would see a message from Chrome saying that "Private Notes has been updated but to install it, you need to approve the new permission: "Access your data for www. attacker_evil_domain .com"". My updates will never request new permissions. Limitations of Chrome Sync engine: - Chrome Sync can handle only 100KB of data - so you can't store huge notes. However thanks to build in compression, you should be able to store more than 100,000 characters of text. - Single note only 8KB size limit - each note can have only up to 8,000 characters - again thanks to compression this should be more. Support independent developer: - I'm full-time extension developer and your donations is my only income. There are no ads in my extensions! - Please support my work by: - Buy me a coffee - - PayPal donation - - be my Patron - Thank you! :) Your donation will help me keep this extension working in future versions of Chrome! The list of Recently added features can be found here:

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